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IT Training in Diploma CoursesWhen you want to pursue an IT course, you ought to find a college that suits your goals and needs for example, one that gives hands on skills and provides an environment that enables students to have relevant skills vital in the technology world. Additionally, internships in the IT field ensure that students are turned into certified heroes after graduation where they easily secure a job in the IT sector.

Our IT College boasts of being one of the best IT courses Perth, Australia has to offer. We are licensed by the IT board of professionals in Australia having produced IT experts over the years. We provide customized IT training solutions to our students using various study options to ensure that they take necessary information and technological skills to the field.

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Why Choose Us?

Brilliant Career Opportunities

Pursuing a career in our IT College will open a flood gate of opportunities to you in the world of technology. Students specializing in IT become exciting server administrators, database managers, ICT support managers and network infrastructure heads in renowned IT firms.

Job Assistance

IT is a field that has many possibilities and we have many businesses that need graduates all the time.  We place our students with these companies during their course for work experience and most of our students end up being offered a job by the company we place them in.  But for the rest we have a very experienced corporate development team which will work with you to find a job.

Short Course

The course runs for only 26 weeks. The IT course can be studied using any of these options; full time or part time. During this time, you are sure of getting specialized skills in the sector, undergoing a Work Experience program and graduating with in-demand skills and certifications.

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Age Bracket

Irrespective of your age bracket, we will show how easy it is to become an IT guru in this industry while also making you become one of the highest paid employees in Australia. Normally, we admit students who are in the age of 18 to 24. However, if you are tired of your other career, you can pursue this IT course and you will be sure of joining a well-paying career in Australia.


AICT has several scholarships and subsidies to cover a lot of the costs associated with learning IT. This is our way to support the IT sector and come up with innovative ways to tackle problems facing the country.

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Our operators and experts are on stand by to answer your call in case you are interested in pursuing the IT course in our college. We guarantee you will gain the best skills and knowledge relevant in the information technology field to help launch your IT career.

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